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All-Time Most Popular Posts

  1. Phonosemantics:  Find the Meaning of Your Name
  2. The Structure of Consciousness, Part I:  Archetypes and Circuits
  3. Meet a Guide:  Guided Meditation
  4. How to Choose a Religion (Series)
  5. Eight Reasons Why TV is Evil
  6. Carl Jung’s Shadow on the Stairs
  7. Do Evil Spirits Exist?
  8. What Do You Really Want?:  Magic and the Collective Subconscious
  9. Motivation:  From Courage and From Fear
  10. The Purpose of the Universe

Jeff’s Ten Favorite Posts

  1. The Tao of Leadership
  2. Hearing the Song of the World
  3. Midsummer: Interview with Apollo
  4. The God’s Whisper: a Guest Post from Odin
  5. Six Arguments Against Religion (Series)
  6. The Mist-Filled Path (Series)
  7. Selling Salvation (Series)
  8. The Tolkien Tarot Spread (Series)
  9. Zen and the Art of Tarot (Series)
  10. Defining Paganism (Series)

Top Ten Inner Landscapes Posts

  1. My Anima
  2. Why I Blog
  3. My Favorite Meditation (Series)
  4. Meditation: At the Bottom of the Faerie Pool
  5. Archetypes: Subconscious, Spirits, Guides, or Gods?
  6. Running with Cernunnos
  7. Mapping the Inner Landscape
  8. The God’s Whisper: Guest Post from Odin
  9. Hanged God Calling on Line One: an Unexpected Interview
  10. The Plight of the Honey Bee

Top Ten Posts on Magic and Manifestation

  1. Meet a Guide: Free Guided Meditation
  2. Do Evil Spirits Exist?
  3. Carl Jung’s Shadow on the Stairs
  4. What Do You Really Want? Magic and the Collective Subconscious
  5. Interview With a Weather Witch
  6. Steve Pavlina’s Seven Principles for Smart People: Astrology and Personal Development
  7. Great Articles on the Law of Attraction
  8. Spiritual Weight Loss: the Body as the Soul’s Mirror
  9. On Subjective Reality: Strange Questions
  10. The Tolkien Tarot Spread

Top Ten Articles on Word and Spirit

  1. Phonosemantics: Find the Meaning of Your Name
  2. Defining Paganism: Is Paganism a Religion?
  3. How to Choose a Religion: Languages of Spirit
  4. Possible New Celtic Language Discovered
  5. Defining Paganism: Word Wrangling
  6. Taboos in Proto Indo European
  7. French: la Langue de l’Amour
  8. Neurolinguistic Programming: a Linguist Druid’s Review
  9. The Meaning of Hand
  10. Fire and Water

Top Ten Posts on Philosophy and Religion

  1. Eight Reasons Why TV is Evil
  2. How to Choose a Religion (Series)
  3. The Structure of Consciousness (Series)
  4. The Druid Zodiac
  5. The Four Vinegar Tasters: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Christianity
  6. Alban Elued Revival Druid Ritual
  7. Interview with Frank MacEowen: Moving Beyond Labels
  8. Six Arguments Against Religion (Series)
  9. The Purpose of the Universe
  10. Spirituality and Religion: Interview with Erin Pavlina

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