October 2007

  • Inner Landscapes

    I get the urge for going When the meadow grass is turning brown Summertime is falling down And winter’s closing in –Joni Mitchell I have recently begun to have regular contact with a new spirit guide. I think he has been prowling around at the edges of my consciousness for a long time — maybe… Continue reading

  • Abundance Experiment: Adam’s Peace, Shift Your Spirits, and the Gods are Bored

    A couple of weeks back, Lexi Sundell at Energies of Creation began an abundance experiment. In order to explore the dynamics of giving and receiving abundance, she came up with the idea to begin regularly contributing to web sites and organizations that she deeply appreciates. Each month, she intends to pick a handful of sites… Continue reading

  • Positive Loving Kindness: Using Opposites to Banish Negativity

    A few weeks ago, I posted the text and instructions for a meditation designed to find purpose and direction through cultivating loving kindness, in the grandest old Buddhist tradition. In my experience, the meditation is a great way to quiet the needy voice of the ego so that Spirit can speak, restoring the connection to… Continue reading