Magic and Manifestation

  • Apollo and Coronis: Solstice and the Coronavirus

    Apollo and Coronis: Solstice and the Coronavirus

    In Druidry, as in many other religious traditions, we pay attention when seemingly significant coincidences occur. When we notice strange patterns and echoes where we expected only random noise. Meaningful happenstance. When we were thinking about this year’s Solstice message, we thought about gods of healing. Apollo, for example. For the Greeks, he was the… Continue reading

  • The Symphadox: Physics, Animism, Synchronicity, and Neural Nets

    The Symphadox: Physics, Animism, Synchronicity, and Neural Nets

    Back in 2014, musing on Emma Restall Orr’s excellent Wakeful World, I presented a paradox at the center of the mind / body dualism that’s usually assumed by both western science and religion. The crux of the paradox is: why are we conscious, but other things aren’t? Most people consider humanity conscious, but all other… Continue reading

  • The Chapel for the Vigil

    The Chapel for the Vigil

    The chapel for the vigil is in A wild forest, a wild stony river, bugs and birds. Heat, but the breezes are cool. The sound of water everywhere. Continue reading

  • Meditation: Animist Consecration

    Meditation: Animist Consecration

    Last night my awesome wife Ali and I joined in a set of consecration ceremonies at our Unitarian Universalist church. Along with the Reverend’s UU blessing and our friend Chris’s Wiccan consecration, we demonstrated a Druid / Animist method of connecting with an object. I say “connecting with” an object instead of “consecrating” because in… Continue reading

  • Self-Help Love-Hate

    I’d like to read some Montaigne — partly because it’s like 18th-century self-help, and partly in spite of it. I have a love-hate relationship with the idea of self-help. On the one hand, it’s a genre full of charlatans, fly-by-night money-back guarantees, misguided seekers, and people looking for ways to get rich quick. On the… Continue reading

  • A Wedding on the Edge

    Ocean, a poem Mary Oliver I am in love with Ocean lifting her thousands of white hats in the chop of the storm, or lying smooth and blue, the loveliest bed in the world. In the personal life, there is always grief more than enough, a heart load for each of us on the dusty… Continue reading

  • Sun, Summer, Summit

    Sun, Summer, Summit

    This trio of words — inspired by the Summer Solstice — are completely unrelated historically, but their phonosemantics are remarkably similar. Sun Sun derives from Proto Indo European swen or suwen, a slightly modified version of the base form saewel, which meant both “sun” and “to shine”. Old English sunne was a feminine noun, and… Continue reading

  • Using Meditation and the Tarot to Parent Consciously

    Today I’m delighted to welcome a guest author: Kara-Leah Grant, yoga publisher, editor, writer, speaker, teacher, and creator of The Yoga Lunchbox. Enjoy! New Year’s Eve packed a powerful punch for me this year – I broke up with my partner of three and half years two days earlier. It was two weeks before our… Continue reading

  • Sarah Palin: A Reading

    Today I found myself inspired to do a name analysis reading, and since Sarah Palin and her political influence have been on my mind recently, I decided to inflict her with one. Sarah, the name which represents her spiritual guidance in the social world, is a Biblical name, and one of the oldest: the name… Continue reading

  • On Astrology, Ancient and Modern

    Spinning their eternal solitary dance in the endless void, the burning stars fall forever around the galaxy, dropping, as they go, a few precious photons into our eyes. Each tiny light-droplet is thousands, or millions, or billions of years old; and it has traveled almost six trillion miles in each of those years. Today an… Continue reading