• Meditation: Animist Consecration

    Meditation: Animist Consecration

    Last night my awesome wife Ali and I joined in a set of consecration ceremonies at our Unitarian Universalist church. Along with the Reverend’s UU blessing and our friend Chris’s Wiccan consecration, we demonstrated a Druid / Animist method of connecting with an object. I say “connecting with” an object instead of “consecrating” because in… Continue reading

  • A Wedding on the Edge

    Ocean, a poem Mary Oliver I am in love with Ocean lifting her thousands of white hats in the chop of the storm, or lying smooth and blue, the loveliest bed in the world. In the personal life, there is always grief more than enough, a heart load for each of us on the dusty… Continue reading

  • Beltane 2008: Scattered Blossoms

    I’m working on a very large post, and normally I would post it in sections, but it’s not the sort of thing that can be broken up. In the meantime, I offer some reflections of the joys of the season: This morning — May First — out of the blue — our five-year-old son woke… Continue reading

  • Winter Solstice 2007

    What does a druid do on the winter solstice? That depends on the druid. If you’re a Reconstructionist, you don’t do much. There isn’t a whole lot of evidence that the ancient druids did anything to celebrate the two solstices and equinoxes; their high holy days were the four cross-quarter holidays (Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, and… Continue reading

  • Lughnasadh 2007: Embodiment of Sunfire

    This Lughnasadh has been a quiet one for our family, but one with some very interesting revelations for me personally. Our Family’s Lughnasadh Our usual mentor, Ellen Hopman, was away in Tennessee leading a large gathering, so the six of us tramped into the woods to do our own little thing. It turns out that… Continue reading

  • Summer Solstice 2007: Innovation and Tradition in Religion

    This past spring, an arsonist destroyed the Church’s meeting house. It is now a two-story skeleton of blackened bones, wrapped round with a single yellow caution strip, as if that were the only thing holding it up. Around it, the forest, lawn and garden are lush with summer growth. Near the top of the hill… Continue reading

  • Fionn Mac Cumhaill Sings of Beltane

    The following is a poem attributed to one of the greatest Irish heroes, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, said to have been composed by him shortly after gaining the gift of poetry from the salmon of wisdom. May-day, season surpassing! Splendid is color then. Blackbirds sing a full lay, if there be a slender shaft of day.… Continue reading

  • Thanks, Mr. Sun: Druid Spring Equinox Ritual

    It’s been a month since the Spring Equinox, and now at last in Massachusetts we’re getting some truly springlike weather — yesterday was the first day we could go outside without coats or sweaters. I spent the day with my hands in the earth, digging and weeding out a garden plot behind our apartment that… Continue reading

  • A Druid Imbolc Celebration

    Imbolc is traditionally the time when the lambs are born, and the sheep begin to give milk. (The etymology of “Imbolc” is uncertain, but is probably derived from Old Irish i mbolg, “in the belly”, referring to the pregnancy of the ewes, or to the nascent springtime.) In the British Isles, the daffodils are blooming,… Continue reading

  • The Order of the White Oak

    I have been a member of the Ancient Order of Druids in America since this summer, but there are no other druids in that order anywhere nearby. For us, it has been very important to find other druids, because of the children. Continue reading