Spiritual Weight Loss II: the Abyss

Over a year has passed since my first post on spiritual weight loss, and it has been, frankly, extremely difficult — and at times harrowing. At first, things went very well; but then I began to lose ground — slowly at first, and then rapidly. In the spring, my health quickly became much worse, and I began to fear that I had serious problems.

ire30But let me be clear: this was not because the spiritual weight loss program was failing. On the contrary — without the principles of the program to guide me, I would probably have been a lot sicker, and I certainly would not have made the complete turnaround and nearly-full recovery I achieved in July.

But I’ll begin at the beginning.

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Spiritual Weight Loss: the Body as the Soul’s Mirror

Frankly, I never expected to address weight loss on this blog.

whatdoyouwantI mean, yes, it’s a problem I’ve had, but it’s never been severe; and anyway (I tell myself) it’s such a mundane issue, no one wants to hear about my latest attempt to diet… And it’s such a simple thing — all I have to do (I tell myself) is get a little more discipline and the problem will simply disappear!

But I’ve been searching for that “little bit of discipline” for twenty years

Regular readers will, I’m sure, be delighted to know that I haven’t changed my mind. I will not be addressing my weight problem on this blog.

Instead, Kara-Leah Masina, in an amazing display of generosity of spirit, will be addressing my weight problem on her blog.

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