A Prayer for the New Year

“To pray for particular favors is to dictate to Divine Wisdom, and savors of presumption; and to intercede for other individuals or for nations, is to presume that their happiness depends upon our choice, and that the prosperity of communities hangs upon our interest.” – William Paley I’ve been thinking a bit about prayer recently….

A Sufficiently Advanced Religion: Magic, the Ringworld and Clarke’s Law

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. — Arthur C. Clarke’s 3rd Law Do you agree with this statement? I think that it’s true, in a certain limited sense, if you take “magic” to mean “something without rules, that can make anything happen.” I suppose it’s conceivable that technology could someday reach something like…

Carl Jung’s Shadow on the Stairs

A couple of days ago, not long after breakfast, my oldest daughter, who is 8, was coming upstairs to ask me a question when I heard her give a little shriek of surprise. In my house, kids are shrieking and screaming and laughing all the time, so I didn’t think twice about it. But then…

On Faerie

If the belief community model is correct, then it is possible to do or see things that are generally considered impossible (like physically flying unaided, or seeing fairies). But it takes time, and usually it involves making new friends.

Do Evil Spirits Exist?

Note: this post was written in 2006, and it’s fine as far as it goes. For my more recent thinking on the existence of evil spirits, see Powers of Darkness. Do Evil Spirits Exist? A month ago, if you’d asked me this question, I would’ve said “Definitely not.” Two weeks ago, I would’ve answered “Definitely.”…