• Apollo and Coronis: Solstice and the Coronavirus

    Apollo and Coronis: Solstice and the Coronavirus

    In Druidry, as in many other religious traditions, we pay attention when seemingly significant coincidences occur. When we notice strange patterns and echoes where we expected only random noise. Meaningful happenstance. When we were thinking about this year’s Solstice message, we thought about gods of healing. Apollo, for example. For the Greeks, he was the… Continue reading

  • The Roads Ahead

    A few weeks ago I posted a survey asking folks what kinds of products or services they might like for me to offer here on the blog. Many of you responded, and I am very grateful to all of you who took the time to do so. And it appears, ladies and gentlemen, — based… Continue reading

  • Survey: What Do You Want?

    Dear reader, I’ve been blogging since Midsummer 2006 — almost five years now. During that time I’ve moved three or four times, changed jobs, been divorced and affianced, and gotten a cat. I’ve written about spirits (evil and good), phonosemantics, choosing your religion, tossing your television, the Law of Attraction and the laws of humanity,… Continue reading

  • Top Ten Druid Journal Blog Posts

    To my great surpise, delight, and slight embarassment, Kara-Leah Masina has posted a staggeringly positive review of the Druid Journal over at her site. Thank you, Kara-Leah! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my site. And thanks also to all of you who are reading my words: it’s such a privilege to be able to share… Continue reading