The Roads Ahead

A few weeks ago I posted a survey asking folks what kinds of products or services they might like for me to offer here on the blog. Many of you responded, and I am very grateful to all of you who took the time to do so.

And it appears, ladies and gentlemen, — based on your urging, and my own meditations — that I’m going on a journey. Two journeys, in fact, simultaneously, in two directions. Good thing I’m a Gemini.

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Survey: What Do You Want?

Dear reader,

I’ve been blogging since Midsummer 2006 — almost five years now. During that time I’ve moved three or four times, changed jobs, been divorced and affianced, and gotten a cat. I’ve written about spirits (evil and good), phonosemantics, choosing your religion, tossing your television, the Law of Attraction and the laws of humanity, the purpose of the universe and the best way to make a buck, children and gods, the Tao and Tolkien, the Lakota and the fairies, paganism and language.

And don’t you worry — I have no intention of stopping! I have a pile of articles waiting to be written — stuff on why things seem to come in threes, the difference between justice and fairness, the role of divine inspiration in capitalism, the place of fiction in druidism, an analysis of Harry Potter’s magic, pacifism and anarchy in the natural world, a treatise arguing against the rule of law, the history of the Ghost Dance, the relationship between love, hate, and violence…

abyssBut enough about me! What do you want?

You see, this blog is an essential part of my druidic practice. It’s not just a soapbox where I rant into the ether; it’s a place where I try to reach out and connect with like-minded people such as yourself, and to help you, if I can. That’s why I have a huge page full of downloadable meditations, stories, and other resources. You can meet a spirit guide, find inner peace, release your fear, increase abundance, or just deeply relax. You can get astrological readings, spiritual name analyses, books, calendars and journals. All of it’s available for a donation of any amount (including $ZERO). Thousands of people have benefited from my materials. I’m really proud of what I’m offering, and I want to keep adding to it.

But that’s all stuff I personally decided to make. The question is, what do you want to see?

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Top Ten Druid Journal Blog Posts

To my great surpise, delight, and slight embarassment, Kara-Leah Masina has posted a staggeringly positive review of the Druid Journal over at her site. Thank you, Kara-Leah! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my site. And thanks also to all of you who are reading my words: it’s such a privilege to be able to share my ruminations and explorations with such a diverse, inquisitive, and insightful audience. To reach out, to touch and inspire even one person, one time, with this blog, is a tremendous privilege; so when I see my subscriber list and traffic growing week by week, the word gratitude seems woefully inadequate.

tolkientarotiiiOne thing Kara-Leah mentions is that she wishes I had a Top Ten list of popular blog posts available to help her navigate deeper into the site. Until recently I actually did have such a list out — in fact, I had half a dozen lists of popular blog posts, sorted by month. However, for whatever reason, no one ever clicked on them! So last week I took them down, and I decided to rely more on the “More about…” links at the bottom of each article.

However, for the talented and winsome Kara-Leah and anyone else who shares her preferences, today I offer two Top Ten lists: the Top Ten most visited blog posts, and my personal Top Ten favorite list.


  1. Eight Reasons Why TV is Evil
  2. How to Choose a Religion VIII: Old Religions, New Religions
  3. Do Evil Spirits Exist?
  4. The Structure of Consciousness, Part One: Archetypes and Circuits
  5. Alban Elued Revival Druid Ritual
  6. On Subjective Reality I: Strange Questions
  7. Carl Jung’s Shadow on the Stairs
  8. Great Articles on the Law of Attraction
  9. Possible New Celtic Language Discovered
  10. Phonosemantics: Find the Meaning of Your Name


  1. The Purpose of the Universe
  2. Children in Paganism
  3. Running with Cernunnos
  4. My Anima
  5. Why I Blog (or: I’m on a Mission from a God)
  6. On Subjective Reality II: the Belief Community Model
  7. How to Choose a Religion VII: Languages of Spirit
  8. How to Choose a Religion VI: the Search for Truth
  9. The Mist-Filled Path I
  10. The Mist-Filled Path II