Top Ten Druid Journal Blog Posts

To my great surpise, delight, and slight embarassment, Kara-Leah Masina has posted a staggeringly positive review of the Druid Journal over at her site. Thank you, Kara-Leah! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my site. And thanks also to all of you who are reading my words: it’s such a privilege to be able to share my ruminations and explorations with such a diverse, inquisitive, and insightful audience. To reach out, to touch and inspire even one person, one time, with this blog, is a tremendous privilege; so when I see my subscriber list and traffic growing week by week, the word gratitude seems woefully inadequate.

tolkientarotiiiOne thing Kara-Leah mentions is that she wishes I had a Top Ten list of popular blog posts available to help her navigate deeper into the site. Until recently I actually did have such a list out — in fact, I had half a dozen lists of popular blog posts, sorted by month. However, for whatever reason, no one ever clicked on them! So last week I took them down, and I decided to rely more on the “More about…” links at the bottom of each article.

However, for the talented and winsome Kara-Leah and anyone else who shares her preferences, today I offer two Top Ten lists: the Top Ten most visited blog posts, and my personal Top Ten favorite list.


  1. Eight Reasons Why TV is Evil
  2. How to Choose a Religion VIII: Old Religions, New Religions
  3. Do Evil Spirits Exist?
  4. The Structure of Consciousness, Part One: Archetypes and Circuits
  5. Alban Elued Revival Druid Ritual
  6. On Subjective Reality I: Strange Questions
  7. Carl Jung’s Shadow on the Stairs
  8. Great Articles on the Law of Attraction
  9. Possible New Celtic Language Discovered
  10. Phonosemantics: Find the Meaning of Your Name


  1. The Purpose of the Universe
  2. Children in Paganism
  3. Running with Cernunnos
  4. My Anima
  5. Why I Blog (or: I’m on a Mission from a God)
  6. On Subjective Reality II: the Belief Community Model
  7. How to Choose a Religion VII: Languages of Spirit
  8. How to Choose a Religion VI: the Search for Truth
  9. The Mist-Filled Path I
  10. The Mist-Filled Path II


3 responses to “Top Ten Druid Journal Blog Posts”

  1. I agree with Kara-Leah, I just seem to calm down when I visit this site…


  2. Thanks! Drop by whenever, and stay as long as you like. 🙂


  3. Ooh- I should do something like this. I recently put up a page with a list of “significant posts,” that more or less chronicled my journey up to this point. But I’ve been thinking about some more post-collections.


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