Great Articles on the Law of Attraction

Recently I decided to gather up a list of web articles on the Law of Attraction for my mother, who has no web access (by choice) and is in serious difficulty financially (not by choice — at least, not conscious choice). She is in an interesting position spiritually — she’s a Zen Buddhist, and so in theory she doesn’t care what her financial situation is; but, given that she can’t realistically wander the suburban streets of Greensboro, NC, with a begging bowl, she’s a bit stuck. She has been trying to use the Law of Attraction under various forms and names for years, to little avail.

Since I was gathering up the links anyway, I thought I’d post them here, in case anyone was interested. You’ll see there’s a whole pile of Steve Pavlina there, and some of Slade‘s fantastic work, too.

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I have a lot of admiration for Steve, and he has helped me out of some tricky spots emotionally. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says… but he has experimented a great deal with intention manifestation, and had considerable success with it. See what you think.

One of Steve’s quirks is his belief in subjective reality — i.e. he believes he’s the only conscious being in the universe. It’s a big turn-off for a lot of folks, I think, but for me it’s more of an endearing eccentricity on his part. I don’t think my mother will be bothered by it — for her, the world is illusion in any case. I was practically raised on subjective reality from childhood.

As for Slade, well, he’s the man. I agree with everything he says.

How does the Law of Attraction Work?

againstReligion6My own position on the Law is similar to Slade’s: it’s magick, or at least something in the same genus. Adam suggests that it doesn’t matter how it works — it just does. For some people, the Law is a dangerous idea, because it’s at the top of a slippery slope of blame (i.e. if you believe that life circumstances are generated via mental attitude, then, if your logic is twisted enough, you might think that a small child suffering from starvation or disease is to blame for her circumstances); and the way it’s been portrayed in some recent publications and movies is similar to a get-rich-quick scam. (See this post at Songs of Unforgetting for great discussion.)

Let’s be clear here. Even if the child’s mental state is attracting the suffering in some cosmic sense, the child cannot be blamed for not knowing how to control her mental state, any more than she can be blamed for not knowing how to cook a gourmet meal. And thinking your way to wealth isn’t easy. Using the Law of Attraction to improve your circumstances is magick and it’s hard.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! So here are the articles:

Steve Pavlina

Slade Roberson

Enjoy. And let me know how it goes!

13 responses to “Great Articles on the Law of Attraction”

  1. Jeff,
    I can see where she wouldn’t want to do that in Greensboro… 🙂 She might be able to get away with it in one or two parts of Charlotte, though.


  2. Charlotte must have vastly changed in the ten or fifteen years since I was last there. I always thought of it as a big city with a lot of lawyers and bankers, convenient to Carawinds and with easy access to terrible traffic. But I recently read in Sierra Club magazine that Charlotte has made huge strides towards becoming a very green city.


  3. Well, we’ve always had a lot of trees… and in the Dilworth area I can imagine someone with a begging bowl actually getting some food and money from the leftover hippies – as long as she was wearing her robes so as not to be mistaken for a homeless person… :/

    Otherwise, your description is fairly apt – certainly of downtown.


  4. Dianne Sylvan addresses this issue in her post about The Secret and there is a very interesting discussion thread.


  5. Wow, Angela-Eloise, that is a great post, and a great set of comments afterwards, as well. Thanks for pointing us there.


  6. Hi Jeff!

    After looking through some of the links, I realize I have a lot of reading to do, as the ones I have looked at are great! While these links were for your mother, I’m glad that you posted them here, too. Thanks. 🙂


  7. Hi Sojourner! I’m so glad you’re finding them useful. Best of luck manifesting!


  8. Great resource.

    I have been following all the media attention about The Secret and all the resulting controversy. I bought the original DVD.

    Here’s one of my favorite picks. Your readers may be interested in learning about it. It’s a law of attraction resource website I’ve put up with free articles, videos and audios about the law of attraction that will transform your way of thinking, doing, being and having.

    Law Of Abundant Attraction



  9. divinespirtilove Avatar

    Hello there, thank you very much for being here and doing exactly what you are doing, sharing. I wanted to take the time to reply to share with you and tell you about a blog I found that changed my life on every level.

    One of my favorite article posts is: “How to Find Your Passion and Make It Your Career”…Here is a direct link:

    A relatable article to this one is called: “The Game of Attraction”…For a direct link to the article:

    I hope you love it and enjoy it as much as I do.

    Keep doing what you do. You are wonderful!


  10. Wow, plenty of goodies in this blog for me to use as reference on the LOA.

    Maybe you would like to check out one of my favourite report on LOA – “Attraction Acceleration Report” by Bob Procter which gives some fresh insights on the application of the LOA in our daily lives. This report is free for download from the following URL:

    You may wish to check this out.


  11. Here is a LOA business – coaching others on LOA principles. The side benefit is that you develop yourself in the process. The best way to learn – teach. The best way to apply LOA principles – submerse yourself in it. Check out the web-site:


  12. There’s another site that people might like to know about,, it’s a networking site for those who are following the Law of Attraction. I’ve met alot of wonderful people on the site, and learned alot about LOA and much more!


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