Abundance Experiment: Adam’s Peace, Shift Your Spirits, and the Gods are Bored

A couple of weeks back, Lexi Sundell at Energies of Creation began an abundance experiment. In order to explore the dynamics of giving and receiving abundance, she came up with the idea to begin regularly contributing to web sites and organizations that she deeply appreciates. Each month, she intends to pick a handful of sites and link to them, explaining why they are meaningful for her, and donate to them publicly. The idea is simply to get the ball rolling — to use creative, generous energy to spread abundance:

As an example of creative energy, donating empowers abundance. Our attention and our intentions are fully directed to recognizing what is of value. When followed by the act of donation itself, what we value is then magnified not only for ourselves but for others as well. Besides that, it’s a lot of fun to do!

sellingsalvationiiI was delighted and surprised when she put me on her list — thank you, Lexi! I thought it was a great idea, too, so I decided to do it myself. The very short list of blogs below is not at all exhaustive, but for me at this moment, they represent bloggers to whom I feel especially grateful — because of their personal friendship and the light their blogging brings into my life.

Adam Alexander of Adam’s Peace is methodical, idealistic, creative, and as smart as they come. In his blogging he explores any and all topics, but especially the search for peace in his life and in the world at large. He always writes with raw honesty, and helped me personally more than once with his uncommon spiritual insight.

Slade Roberson of SladeRoberson.com is a spirit of fire that explores inner space, outer space and spiritual space with vigor and courage. It’s hard for me to say whether he’s more talented as a medium or an author — and perhaps, for him, it’s the same process. His advice is always sage and timely, and his heart is open to all.

Anne Johnson of The Gods are Bored has more naked writing talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body — and I’m not a small guy. Whenever she posts — and gods be praised, she posts frequently! — I click over immediately, because she’ll get me to laugh no matter what kind of day I’ve had. But don’t be fooled: just when it sounds like she’s being silliest, that’s when she’s most serious. In the grand tradition of Twain and Pratchett, you find yourself thinking about the issues she raised long after you stop laughing.

Thank you, and abundance on you all!


2 responses to “Abundance Experiment: Adam’s Peace, Shift Your Spirits, and the Gods are Bored”

  1. You just made my day!

    And it strikes me that your gift is multi-dimensional.

    Linkage — in terms of the Economy of Attention — this is why I recently implemented a Do Follow policy — does that count, because I know all your participation in my web space rivals anyone other… I had you in mind when I “pro-activated” all cumulative external links to you.

    Testimonial Review — what you wrote here — your motivation, describing my worthiness… Absolutely priceless!


  2. […] Albert had an interesting take on the experiment and you can read his thoughts in his post “Time to make a stand and change your life.” Jeff also had a strongly positive response in his post about the Abundance Experiment. […]


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