Selling Salvation III: Property and Prostitution

Suppose you know the Meaning of Life.  Would it be moral sell that information to the highest bidder?


A year ago, in “Selling Salvation:  How Much is it Worth?”, I pointed out that the great religious leaders of the past — Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Mohammed — had given Salvation away for free, to anyone who would listen.  Shouldn’t we follow their example?

Quite apart from that, I argued that a free market in religious ideas (or any kind of information) tends to drive prices down to zero.  I decided that it was not only probably immoral to sell information; it was, in the long run, almost impossible.  Therefore, immediately, I started offering everything on my site for free.

Amazingly enough, I haven’t gone broke — on the contrary, I’m doing quite well.  How can this be?

I’ll explain.  But first:  prostitution.  Trust me, it’s relevant.

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