Avoiding Colds and Flu (Druid Herbal Wisdom)

Knowing Druid herbalists has its advantages.

Every winter, my family has all kinds of trouble with colds and flu. It happens because we’re cooped up in the house a lot, and we have small children who ensure that every bug and germ wandering around town ends up at our house. We’ve tried tea, we’ve tried warmth, we’ve even tried (against our better judgement) over-the-counter medicine. Some years the bugs set up permanent residence and create nasty infections, requiring antibiotics.

This year I thought I’d try asking Ellen Hopman, a local Druid Priestess and master herbalist. Here is her recommendation:

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How to Choose a Religion V: the Search for Truth

The following story is absolutely true.

God and Terror in the Mountains

A friend of mine once worked for private detective agency. She took the job on a temporary basis, just to make a little extra money on the side. She didn’t sign up for any of the dangerous work; mostly she would just watch houses to see when people left, check legal records, that kind of thing.

One time, however, the situation turned ugly. In a remote area in the Rocky Mountains, she was watching a driveway from a safe distance when she realized that her quarry and his friends were stalking her with rifles. These were desperate men, drug smugglers; and they were skilled veterans of the Vietnam War. Realizing that the way back to her car was blocked, she headed the other direction, up the mountain, into the forest as night was falling.

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