August 2010

  • Words of the Day: America, Angel, Apollo

    My old blog, the Word of the Day, is defunct, and I’m getting ready to take it down. Before I do, though, I’m going to repost some of the best words here over the next few weeks. Enjoy! America In the English-speaking world, America almost always refers only to the United States, even though technically… Continue reading

  • The Bear: Downloadable Guided Meditation for Security, Abundance, and Rebirth

    While vacationing in Acadia, Maine, I recently found myself strongly drawn to carvings and pictures of bears in the shops and on signs and so forth. And once, while hiking, I thought I heard a bear (they have a distinctive shuffle). I meditated on this, and began to remember the many times in my life… Continue reading

  • Seven Meditative Vignettes

    These seven mini-meditations were first posted as part of the blog Druid Journal Meditation, which I worked on in 2007 and 2008. Since that blog is now defunct, I’ve reposted the meditations here, along with some ruminations on their meanings. Continue reading

  • Sarah Palin: A Reading

    Today I found myself inspired to do a name analysis reading, and since Sarah Palin and her political influence have been on my mind recently, I decided to inflict her with one. Sarah, the name which represents her spiritual guidance in the social world, is a Biblical name, and one of the oldest: the name… Continue reading