The Bear: Downloadable Guided Meditation for Security, Abundance, and Rebirth

While vacationing in Acadia, Maine, I recently found myself strongly drawn to carvings and pictures of bears in the shops and on signs and so forth. And once, while hiking, I thought I heard a bear (they have a distinctive shuffle). I meditated on this, and began to remember the many times in my life when I had dreamed of bears, or encountered them while hiking. And when I did a visualization meditation in which I invited the bear to meet with me, it helped tremendously to resolve some issues with protection and financial security.

ire28The Bear is known the world over as a symbol of protection, self-sufficiency, rebirth, the sun, and the abundance of the earth. During the winter, the mother bear retreats into hibernation, and at that time she gives birth to her cubs; little wonder that she is associated with the sun. She makes her dwelling in the Earth, and therefore has a special knowledge and intimacy with it. Tales the world over speak of bears turning into humans and vice versa: the whole Korean nation, for example, is supposed to have descended from a she-bear who made herself human by eating 21 cloves of garlic and retreating into a cave for a month. The bear is associated with protection not just because of her size and power, but because of her well-known fierceness when guarding her children — a necessary fierceness, because a father bear will sometimes kill his own cubs if their mother does not protect them.

I created this meditation based on my own recent experiences. In it, I guide you through a visualization of a landscape of forested mountains, rushing streams, and brilliant starry nights: the natural home of the bear.

The bear will show you how to become secure and protected, both in the physical and spiritual realms. And it will show you how to gather the resources you need to live and grow on the Earth; and how to retreat into the safety of darkness and, there, be reborn.

During the course of the meditation, the bear will give you three visions. The first vision will appear when you are crossing into the bear’s domain, and it will be a symbol of the bear’s power and protection. The second vision will appear as you move within the realm of the bear, and it will be a symbol of the bear’s self-sufficiency and the abundance of the Earth. The third vision will appear within the bear’s cave, and it will be a symbol of the power of rebirth and self-transformation. These symbols, delivered by your subconscious and your guides, will be meaningful for you; and by thinking about them, meditating on them, and seeking them day to day, you will bring the power and guidance of the bear into your life.

The meditation is 14 minutes long and 13 MB. Like all my meditations, it is available for a donation of any amount. (There is a suggested donation of $10, but you can easily change it to whatever figure you feel is appropriate.) Enjoy!

[Note: the meditation is currently unavailable.]

(And while you’re at it, don’t forget the many other downloadable meditations available on the Downloads and Offerings page.)

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