August 2007

  • Positive, Specific, Timeless Intention Manifestation

    Whether you call it the Law of Attraction, Intention Manifestation, Calling Upon the Gods or just plain Magick, the advice is the same: Don’t use negatives. Phrase your intentions positively for the best results. Don’t say “I don’t want to be alone”, say “I am with Bob”; don’t say “I don’t want to live in… Continue reading

  • Lughnasadh 2007: Embodiment of Sunfire

    This Lughnasadh has been a quiet one for our family, but one with some very interesting revelations for me personally. Our Family’s Lughnasadh Our usual mentor, Ellen Hopman, was away in Tennessee leading a large gathering, so the six of us tramped into the woods to do our own little thing. It turns out that… Continue reading

  • Interfaith Blog Event #7: Gender in Druidism: Girl Bullying

    Once again I’m delighted to participate in an interfaith blog conversation held by Mike (writing from the Mahayana Buddhist perspective), Jon (a Protestant Christian), Sojourner (pagan/UU), and Matt (an evangelical Christian) and myself, a Druid. Every month (or thereabouts), we write on a topic of interest to us all. This month’s topic is gender: What… Continue reading