June 2007

  • Summer Solstice 2007: Innovation and Tradition in Religion

    This past spring, an arsonist destroyed the Church’s meeting house. It is now a two-story skeleton of blackened bones, wrapped round with a single yellow caution strip, as if that were the only thing holding it up. Around it, the forest, lawn and garden are lush with summer growth. Near the top of the hill… Continue reading

  • Review of Life on Purpose

    Earlier this month I was presented with the opportunity to read a new book called Life on Purpose — Six Passages to an Inspired Life, by Dr. Brad Swift. Swift’s story is an inspiring one: twenty years ago he was a successful veterinarian, with no apparent problems in his professional or personal life, but he… Continue reading

  • Midsummer – Interview with Apollo

    If you’re a regular reader, you know that Apollo is one of my primary guides, and was the original inspiration for this blog. Over the past year, I’ve worked at improving my connection with him, to become a clearer conduit for solar energy. It’s been an amazing ride… Midsummer is the point of Apollo’s maximum… Continue reading

  • Other Voices — Slade on Spiritual Innovation and Religious Tradition

    Guest blogger Slade Roberson participates in DruidJournal’s Other Voices Conversation about the Interface between Tradition and Innovation in Religion. Are you one of the spiritual but not religious? You’re not alone; and that ought to be encouraging, in and of itself. Religion without spirituality is a scary prospect. Your sense of spirit is what matters… Continue reading

  • Voices in the Empty Tower

    School’s out! My second grader is now officially a third grader. We had a huge school-wide picnic in the blazing summer heat. Looking out from under the chestnut tree at the top of the hill, eating a fresh cool salad, there was short grass in the foreground, tall grass a little beyond that, rolling farmland… Continue reading

  • Meet a Guide: Free Guided Meditation

    The meditation is in mp3 format, is 22 MB, and lasts 18.5 minutes. There is a link here and also at the bottom of this post. For me, meditation provides the simplest, richest, and most effective window into whatever issues are most urgent and troubling in my life. It doesn’t matter what I’m struggling with… Continue reading