April 2007

  • Meditation: At the Bottom of the Faerie Pool

    The past couple of days I’ve been struggling with a quick, sharp stomach bug. It’s nearly gone now, but it was rough: I lost ten pounds in less than a week. Yesterday evening, I was over the worst of it, and soaking in the tub; and I slipped into the following dream/meditation: The Pool I… Continue reading

  • Thanks, Mr. Sun: Druid Spring Equinox Ritual

    It’s been a month since the Spring Equinox, and now at last in Massachusetts we’re getting some truly springlike weather — yesterday was the first day we could go outside without coats or sweaters. I spent the day with my hands in the earth, digging and weeding out a garden plot behind our apartment that… Continue reading

  • Taking up Death’s Scythe

    Thinking about the violent deaths at Virginia Tech this week. Continue reading

  • Phonosemantics: Find the Meaning of Your Name

    Ever since I read Slade’s article a few weeks back about how to use numerology to find the meaning of your name using its letters, I’ve been extremely eager to explore the topic from the standpoint of sound. The exercise Slade describes is based entirely on spelling; but you can also imagine doing name divination… Continue reading

  • A High School Student Asks About Druidism

    Last week I was surprised and delighted to get an email from a high school student who is curious about Druidism. In particular, for a school project, she wanted to know about the relationship between Christianity and Druidism, and what factors led to the rise of one at the expense of the other. She sent… Continue reading