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  1. David McIntosh says:

    I love that chapter of the TTC. I know someone who goes to Virginia Tech, so it felt a little different from all the other recent atrocities.


  2. Jeff Lilly says:

    I have always found the TTC to be far and away the most inspiring and insightful of any of the holy books in the world. This despite the fact that the various translations all sound so very different…

    What do you think of this “translation”? It’s my own concoction/triangulation of half a dozen translations.


  3. Hey Jeff,

    I love this – I’ve never read the TTC before. And thank you for including my article on here as related reading, much appreciated.


  4. David McIntosh says:

    Well, I haven’t read the original, but it sounds very much like something the TTC would say.


  5. Jeff Lilly says:

    Kara-Leah, you would LOVE the Tao te Ching. Get thee hence immediately to one of the online translations. Better yet, go to the library and check out the translation by Jane English and Gia-Fu Feng, that’s my favorite. I have some examples of their translations here, as well. Gorgeous stuff.


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