July 2011

  • Snake, Serpent, Drake, Dragon

    Ali and I almost jogged right over a great black snake in the park this morning. Alison said: Black snake stretched, unwound across the path. We stopped to watch in the steam and sun-slant of morning as it melted back into the brush. It was about three or four feet long, and a few inches… Continue reading

  • The Druid and the Wild Goose II: Conversation With Doctrine

    In the previous post of this series about the emergent / progressive Christian Wild Goose festival, I talked about the courage of Christians facing moral contradictions between church authority and Biblical doctrine on one hand, and the call of heart and culture on the other. The Wild Goose was a place where they could come… Continue reading

  • The Druid and the Wild Goose I: Christians Courageous

    At the emergent/progressive Christian Wild Goose festival this year, I was extremely fortunate to meet a new kind of Christian. I was raised with a sort of American Zen / New Age philosophy. But growing up in the American Southeast, I met a lot of Christians. Christians I’ve known well mostly fall into a few… Continue reading