A Wedding on the Edge

Ocean, a poem

Mary Oliver

I am in love with Ocean
lifting her thousands of white hats
in the chop of the storm,
or lying smooth and blue, the
loveliest bed in the world.
In the personal life, there is

always grief more than enough,
a heart load for each of us
on the dusty road. I suppose
there is a reason for this, so I will be
patient, acquiescent. But I will live
nowhere except here, by Ocean, trusting
equally in all blast and welcome
of her sorrowless, salt self.

On the edge of the Sea, Alison and I are getting married today. May our souls be wound round each other in joy. May Earth, Sea and Sky bless us, and may our love be as great as they, and as free, as wild, as young, and as eternal.

8 responses to “A Wedding on the Edge”

  1. Congratulations! I wish you both every happiness.


  2. May you happiness, love, and understanding unbound grace all the days of your lives!


  3. Congratulations. Have a glorious life together. My husband and I just celebrated our 39th anniversary. We are best friends as well as husband and wife.


  4. Wishing you two a glorious romantic wonderful wedding that is just a prelude to a joyous wonderous life!

    Kiss for luck!


  5. That is just fantabulous. May you be blessed with the understanding & insight to see each other true & love each other clear. KLx


  6. Belated congratulations!


  7. Congratulations and many blessings to both of you! May the love, respect and friendship you share today, grow deeper with each passing year.


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