Live Deeply: the Pagan Daybook 2011


Introducing the new Pagan Daybook 2011. A weekly planner for a deeper experience of life.

Experience Deeply.

Seasons, Moons, Holidays.

Attune yourself to the rhythms of earth and sky. From Wolf Moon to Flower Moon, from Epiphany to Lughnasadh, from Haiti’s Ancestry Day to South Africa’s Youth Day, set your spirit to follow the dance of the year.


See Deeply.

Images for Contemplation.

Each week, the Pagan Daybook offers you a stunning grayscale photograph of nature or the pagan world. Meditate on the image, use it as a jumping-off point for active visualization, or view it as part of the larger message of the week.


Speak Deeply.

The Song of Words.

The weekly word is a term to contemplate and roll on your tongue. Read its etymology and spiritual significance, and experience the tension between ancient and modern, meaning and form. Speak, and engage mind, heart, spirit, body, society.


Think Deeply.

Quotes and Thoughts.

From Jeff Lilly’s Druid Journal and Alison Shaffer’s Meadowsweet & Myrrh, quotes chosen to reflect the season, image, and word, to move thought and memory, to stir spirit.

From the introduction

“Fiction is the literature of the unreal — of the dream, of the otherworld, of symbols in motion. Nonfiction is the literature of the past — of memory, thought, truth, stone. The calendar can be thought of as the literature that sparkles with the present, shimmering on the outer leaves of the past, the tips of the feathers of the eagle riding the whole sky — full of potential, possibility, and most poignantly, your own will. It is that eternal, timeless moment where you make your choices. It is the place you go to assign meaning and pattern to your life, feeling its long arcs and quick twists; to taste of your desires and put your finger to the wind of your passions; and then to exert your will, and act.”


Available from Lulu for $19.99, or as a pdf download for a donation of any amount.

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Also available: the Pagan Monthly Calendar 2011.

PaganCalendar2011CoverThe Pagan Monthly Calendar 2011. “I might speak of the Song of the World, and how it moves with exquisite harmony and balance and beauty. I might say that it reverberates in us, that it tunes us to that greater harmony — and no matter how deaf we might think we have become, we can always hear that World Song — for it is what sustains and moves us. This is a mercy, a kind of persistence. And in a way, it is also merciful for being somewhat impersonal, larger than any one of us — a way of connecting. “God is merciful” is like a way of saying that beauty and love endure — but it is in their nature to endure, for they are responsive and dynamic, and only things which are so can last, can move as history moves, move as landscapes change.”
— “Peace and the Celtic Spirit: Excerpts from a Journal”, Meadowsweet & Myrrh

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