The Powers of Darkness, Wild Enough and Free

This week I have a few simple updates and pointers.

ire54aFirst, a few days ago Erik at executivepagan graciously asked me to help him out by writing a guest post while he was on vacation.  I accepted his invitation with delight and then, due to one thing and another, completely failed to post while he was away.  However, he stretched the rules and allowed me to post after he got back.  Thanks, Erik!  The post is called The Powers of Darkness, and concerns the mythologies developed by (or revealed to) homeless children, the nature of evil, how powerful evil spirits are, and why we’re so fascinated by this danger.  Fun little things like that.  Go on over, and while you’re there, definitely check out Erik’s awesome stuff.

Second, I finally got my act together and created a physical version of my collection of short stories.  I added a general introduction, as well as a postscript for each story with some notes about how they were written.  The book is available as a hardcover for $24.55 and a paperback for $12.83.  (I wish I could offer these for donations, like my other offerings, but doesn’t work that way.)  The book is titled Wild Enough and Free, a reference to the final story in the book.  Personally I love physical versions of books — they seem so much more intimate.  I hope you enjoy these!

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