Avoiding Colds and Flu (Druid Herbal Wisdom)

Knowing Druid herbalists has its advantages.

Every winter, my family has all kinds of trouble with colds and flu. It happens because we’re cooped up in the house a lot, and we have small children who ensure that every bug and germ wandering around town ends up at our house. We’ve tried tea, we’ve tried warmth, we’ve even tried (against our better judgement) over-the-counter medicine. Some years the bugs set up permanent residence and create nasty infections, requiring antibiotics.

This year I thought I’d try asking Ellen Hopman, a local Druid Priestess and master herbalist. Here is her recommendation:

Take Daily:

  • 1 capsule Siberian Ginseng
  • 2 capsules Echinacea
  • 25,000 units beta carotene
  • 3,000 mg vitamin C (spaced out into at least 3 doses through the day; the body can only absorb so much vitamin C at a time)

astrologyAncientAndModernNot everyone in the family has been religious about this regimen. It’s difficult to remember everything to take, especially when it’s early in the morning and you’re trying to get a good breakfast into your kids before you drive them to school. My wife has found it very hard to keep on top of, but I manage it most days. The children usually only get vitamin C, since they can’t take tablets.

Now, you might remember last week everyone in the house was sick… except me. I got sick briefly at the start of cold and flu season, before I asked Ellen for her advice; and I was sick over Thanksgiving, when we were in Philadelphia and I didn’t have access to my magical pills. Other than that, I’ve been entirely well. There’s your endorsement!

4 responses to “Avoiding Colds and Flu (Druid Herbal Wisdom)”

  1. Sounds like good advice. I might recommend the same to any of my customers. Olive leaf, elderberry and maitake mushroom are great as well.


  2. Thanks, Neosnoia! We’ll try that too, sometime. Although my wife is allergic to mushrooms, so perhaps she should avoid the maitake…?


  3. If she is allergic to mushrooms, then yes, definitely avoid the maitake! 🙂


  4. […] has proven to be a valuable teacher. I’ve already posted her recipe for relief from colds and flu, and she has many deeper teachings as well, depths which we’re […]


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