Thor’s Stroll

Scrunch up on the couch
And cuddle in my arms,
Thor’s out a-striding,
And frightening the children.
He’s barreled down Bifrost
And slung his hammer wide,
It smacks and cracks the mountaintops,
It rivens the summer sky.
Lightning-crowned thunder clouds
Follow in his train,
They slam our doors and windows,
They whip the porch with rain.
Forget the hazy heat of the day,
Forget your games and plans you laid,
The world outside is a dangerous place
Where gods walk and giants play.
Now Thor’s grumbling beyond the hills,
He has children of his own,
And promises to keep.
The rain is soft, the air is cool,
The birds are singing,
The children asleep.

Welcome to my Druid Journal.

This blog will be a chronicle of my entry into the Ancient Order of Druids in America. (You can read all about them here.) So this will be a different kind of blog, in the following ways:

1. It will be quite personal. I’m a solitary Druid, at least for the present, and this is my Druid Journal, so I’ll be spilling my heart all over the web page. When you visit the site, bring a Kleenex and a mop.

2. It’ll be eclectic. My interests range widely, from astronomy to Waldorf education, and this blog will cover all it, I’m sure. Druidry is a broad subject; it wanders freely under the vault of the sky.

3. It will have poetry, because I’ve selected poetry as one of my spirals. Now, many blogs have poetry, but this will be poetry written by a 33-year-old computational linguist, married with four children. So it will be different, in that unicorns and fairies will appear somewhat less often.

4. I will use my real name.

5. For better or worse, I will never use the acronyms “OMG”, “FWIW”, or “BTW”. I will also try very hard to avoid the :-), although I reserve the right to use it if the situation becomes desperate.

Midsummer has just passed, a time of celebration for people of many faiths and traditions. Our family was very busy, since we had to get ready for the grandparents’ visit later that week, so we had no time for an elaborate shindig. But we replaced our spring table centerpiece with a large central candle to represent the sun’s purifying fire; and we (finally) framed and hung a small paper Green Man that I made for my wife for Mother’s Day. Several of our friends from school came to visit, and the children played in the park while the adults sat in the shade exchanging gossip. The children are preparing for the adventure of a lifetime, and the adults are resting from it. How did you celebrate Midsummer?

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