Drawing Cards – Storyboarding the Tarot

Guest Author: Eric Slade Roberson of Shift Your Spirits

A few months ago, Slade was kind enough to invite me onto his site as a guest author, where I took the opportunity to summarize the How to Choose a Religion series. (That summary has things in it that I still haven’t gotten around to here on my own blog!) I jumped at the chance to have Slade write something for the Druid Journal in return.

Slade is an author of tremendous energy and creativity, and an experienced medium and Reader as well. In Drawing Cards he describes a new way of using the Tarot, one that draws directly from the images in the cards — in my opinion, the greatest strength of the Tarot.

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The Eight-Circuit Tarot Deck II: Medium and Message

The other day, I said to my anima, “Look — I need to talk to the guy who wants me to make this Tarot deck.”

She nodded. “All right,” she said. “Sit down, and let’s get started.”

interviewfrankmaceowenI’ve been able to talk directly to my anima during meditations for about a month now — ever since I realized what she was. She is always very helpful to talk to, not least because she is a medium. It’s rather odd that my anima is a medium, and I am not; but there you go. It may be that she is only communicating with other aspects of my subconscious — but even if so, that’s pretty handy.

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