The Binding Coil

 Steampunk Adventure

Monstrous cover

Coming Soon: Part One, The Monstrous Child

The Atheneum: a secluded school on a hidden island in the midst of the North Sea. There they teach forbidden knowledge — the secret history of mankind, control of matter and energy, transcendence of time, space, and all mortal limitations…

Every year, a select few students are chosen to attend. Some graduate, and join a shadowy worldwide society. And some are never heard from again.

Two new students have arrived this year. One is an orphan who accidentally cast an unspeakable curse on her cousin; and the other is a farm girl with a secret power. But they might be too dangerous to be allowed to live.

The Binding Coil is a full-length novel to be released as a series of short 99-cent ebooks over the next year. The first part, The Monstrous Child, tells the story of a girl whose life becomes strange and nightmarish after the mysterious deaths of her parents, and her discovery of secrets both terrible and wondrous…

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