Mere America

Mere America is an alternate history of a mirror-reversed America, in which the California redwoods march down the east coast, and the Pacific breakers pound Manhattan Island. From the original Viking incursion in British Columbia to the technocrats of the 20th-century Iroquois, from the victory of the Confederacy (built on slavery and gold) to President Martin Luther King of the Free States of America, Mere America follows the grand sweep of history through the lives of key characters such as Leif Erikson, Virginia Dare, Robert E. Lee, and Bright Path (Jim Thorpe).

Imagine the first English settlers arriving in “Virginia” to find redwoods, earthquakes, and gold. Imagine Lewis and Clark crossing the Rockies, sailing down the Missouri, and finding the Great Plains dominated by a thriving, pyramid-building Mississippian culture. Imagine Robert E. Lee victorious against the North — but defeated, as Custer was, by the Sioux. Imagine North America carved into three parts: the United States, the Free States, and the Council of Indigenous Nations. The story is told through the eyes of key historical figures and the interwoven fates of several families.

First Nations

The first clashes between Europeans and the ‘Namgis, the Cherokee, the Muwekma, and the Mohawk. This part is available as an Amazon Kindle ebook for $.99.


In 1000 AD, the Vikings arrive on the east coast of North America, and find a land of tremendous temperate rainforests, white-capped mountains, and people with a rich culture of totems and gift-giving (the potlatch). For Leif Eriksson, it may be the paradise promised to him by the White Christ. But can he keep it?

Alleghany Mountains

500 years later, the Spanish explorer Coronado marches through the muggy forests of the southwest seeking cities of treasure. His visit will never be forgotten.

Elizabeth Bay

Virginia: the first English colony is established on the bank of a great mountain-circled bay. The weather is perfect, the fish and sea lions are plentiful, the trees are tremendous… But can they survive the earthquakes and restless natives? And will the rivers of gold be a blessing or a curse?

Kahnawake River

In the far, far west, a young man of the Mohawk tribe encounters the daughter of a Russian explorer wandering wounded and feverish in the woods. Her single-minded obsession will haunt him across two continents.

The Withered Hand

The Mayflower arrives in Hudson Sound, and the ‘Namgis (Nimpkish) encounter Europeans again after a break of over five hundred years. The Pilgrims have better luck than the Vikings, and the colonies of England are established. For a while history proceeds roughly on track, but then the Rocky Mountains become more of a problem. Lewis and Clark cross them (after a failed attempt) and discover a thriving, pyramid-building civilization in the Mississippi valley: the Empire of the Sun. Shortly afterwards, the Empire and the two largest tribes of the far west — the Cherokee and the Iroquois — join forces to try and slow down European colonization. Meanwhile, back in Virginia, cracks are beginning to show in the system of slaves and gold that underlie the prosperity, freedom and unity of the United States.

Iron Horses

As US troops finally make their way across the Rockies in the mid-1800’s, they find their way blocked by strong, populous Indian tribes and a network of anti-US alliances among competing European powers. Among the most ambitious is England and its West American Company, which seeks to lay railroads across the Indian country in the far west. President Lee’s war against Washington, DC is successful, but not so his war against the Empire of the Sun. As slavery unravels in the South, leaving behind it an impoverished society still deeply divided by class and race, America’s imperial ambitions are shattered one by one.

Grandfather Mountain

America enters World War I fully expecting to ride to the rescue of its European allies, but it is too little, too late; and the strain of war tears the nation apart. World War II finds the broken country on two sides of a war between fascists, communists, and imperialists, with the Indians holding the key to final victory.

Keepers of the Eastern Door

Europe and North America are divided by concrete and barbed wire. Post WWII, Seneca City is host to a drama of espionage and intrigue, while far behind enemy lines, families of whites, blacks, Indians, and mixed heritage try to come to terms with a world irrevocably changed.

Iron Minds

As the 1970’s close, the uneasy peace of fortified North America is starting to break. In New York City, USA, General Kennedy finds that being a decorated veteran and patriot does not make you and your family immune to political intrigue. Meanwhile, across the continent in Manhattan, TRC, two young geniuses are laying the foundation of the digital age — but will they succeed without capitalism?

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