Do Evil Spirits Exist?

Note: this post was written in 2006, and it’s fine as far as it goes. For my more recent thinking on the existence of evil spirits, see Powers of Darkness.

Do Evil Spirits Exist?

A month ago, if you’d asked me this question, I would’ve said “Definitely not.” Two weeks ago, I would’ve answered “Definitely.” Today, I’m pretty sure that both answers are true.

How can that be?

First off, what is an evil spirit? When I think of an evil spirit, I think of a ghostly being with a nasty disposition and dishonorable intentions. They may appear only in dreams, or they may wander around people’s houses going “bump” in the night, or possess little children in blockbuster movies. The common denominator is their noncorporeality and the fact that they enjoy hurting people.

Now, I have never met one of these things myself. But, of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I do know a number of people who claim to have seen them. But interestingly, the only people who see them are the ones who somehow “expect” to see them — that is, people who already believe in supernatural entities. Evil spirits leave secular humanists alone. (That by itself might be a good reason to become a secular humanist.) So maybe evil spirits exist only in the minds of those who “want” to believe them (perhaps “subconsciously”, whatever that really means).

So, for a long time I did not believe in evil spirits at all. But I should make clear that the primary reason I did not believe in them was not that I had never seen them, or that the only people who had might be loony tunes. No, I had other reasons.

First, evil things do not appear in nature. A Druid looks first to the natural world for spiritual insight. Certainly there are predators, and encountering a predator might be unpleasant, but predators aren’t evil. They act the way nature intended, and the pain they may cause is healthy for the ecosystem. It seems unlikely that the spiritual world could be so different from the natural world.

Second, evil sprits made no logical sense to me. I didn’t believe in them for the same reason that I didn’t believe in Satan. I felt, quite firmly, that any being possessed of the knowledge, experience, and power that Satan was supposed to have simply could not be evil. Evil arises out of fear; but with enough knowledge, experience, and power, fear disappears. So the very idea of “Satan” is simply a logical contradiction.

And I felt the same way about evil spirits. I thought, well, maybe there are some spirits that are evil, but they must be young, inexperienced, and not very powerful.


So my thinking stood until recently. Then, as I began reading more about ceremonial magic, I was struck by the prevalence of protective charms, rituals, and so forth. Clearly, there are a lot of people in the magical community who believe in evil spirits. Then I stumbled on Erin Pavlina is a well-known medium who is also a great blogger. On her site, you can read all about her experiences with vindictive ghosts and skeletons with glowing eyes. It is hard not to believe her first-hand accounts. Luckily, she knows several techniques to protect herself, so she doesn’t have much trouble with them. But she warns anyone wishing to follow in her footsteps that the path she followed was a wild and woolly one.

I also read somewhere that the only reason that evil spirits don’t go around possessing people all over the world is that most people believe so strongly that evil spirits don’t exist, and that their bodies are inviolable, that the spirits can’t get in. Effectively, the disbelief itself is a powerful protective spell.

I began to wonder if evil spirits might exist after all. I wasn’t prepared to go out looking for them, but I needed more data.

I decided to call my mother. This might not be what most people would do in this situation. But over the past 30 years, she has had any number of out of body experiences, astral projections, premonitions, precognitive dreams, and the like. She’s a bona fide expert.

I asked her if she had ever encountered any evil spirits in her journeys outside our reality. She said, unequivocally, no. She had never, not once, met any malevolent being.

But, she said, she was always careful to maintain positive intentions and not to bring negative energy into the spiritual world with her.

Honestly, if I were an evil spirit, I would stay away from my mother as well. She doesn’t put up with nonsense from anybody, corporeal or not.

And notably, she never met any positive spirits either. She never saw any guides or helpers of any sort. There was one time when she met someone, or something, that she thought might have offered her some help; but she wasn’t sure, and it never happened again.

She doesn’t do much astral traveling these days. Her outlook is much more Zen in character, and in Zen, all this mucking about in astral spaces is beside the point. It’s just another distraction on the path to peace. You can get wrapped up in the illusions of the material world, or wrapped up in the illusions of the spiritual world; they’re all just illusions. Reality is — well, not that.

“You have to remember that you are creating all of it,” said my mother. “If you create evil spirits, you will see evil spirits. If you don’t, you won’t. The same goes for everything else. Cars, trucks, the sky, whatever. You’re making all of that.”

So, if you believe in evil spirits, then they exist. They really do. You will meet them, interact with them, and learn from them, just like you do with trees, rocks, and cars. If you don’t believe in them, you won’t see them; and they really won’t exist. You will learn your lessons in other ways.

I suggest, therefore, that you try very hard not to believe in evil spirits. That’s what I’m doing. But, if you meet people who say they’ve seen them, they’re not necessarily lying…

UPDATE July 14:

Make of this what you will:

The same night I posted this, I had a terrible nightmare. I was leading my youngest daughter, who is almost two, back to the car after visiting some friends. The car was parked (for some reason) at the top of a long rickety wooden staircase. In the dream, my daughter slipped and fell from the stairs. I quickly grabbed her and held her close, but she died in my arms.

I woke up immediately and tried to shake the image and the fear. But for whatever reason, it wouldn’t shake. It didn’t disappear immediately, as most nightmares do. In fact, my daughter’s dead face twisted into more horrible images, and my fear grew stronger. I will say that the images themselves weren’t so terrible objectively — nothing worse than you might see when getting ready to cook a chicken — but I was still in that nightmare-fear state, and the emotion was overpowering.

Inevitably, since I had been thinking so much about evil spirits the previous couple of days, I wondered if this might be one. I tried visualizing white light and protective spirits, as Erin Pavlina suggests, but that didn’t work at all. Then I tried mentally turning my back on it, another technique Erin has used, but that didn’t work either.

Finally I remembered my mother’s advice: you are creating this. I said to myself, “I know I’m creating these images. But now I’m done with it. Go away.”

And it was gone, like a nightmare in morning sunlight.

I have no idea if it really was an evil spirit. But at the very least, I’ve found a good way to get rid of nightmares.

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  1. I really like your post. I found your site in the trackback-list of Erin Pavlinas post with the skeleton and so on, because my emotions are totally mixed up and I’m not certain about anything at all. This stuff makes me shiver for some reason I don’t really know.
    My father once told me he got used to sort of detach his mind from his body when falling asleep, looking down on himself sleeping. His nights were much more refreshing etc., but I never asked him again about that. Probably this stuff’s in the family 🙂

    I think my night won’t be as nice as yesterday, the strange stuff we ate for dinner makes this even worse but hey – today Indiana Jones was on TV and I think this makes me more comfortable than anything else could do at this very moment.

    Yeah, well, godnight!


  2. I’d rather not give my name, but anyway. Evil spirits do exist. They’ve been bugging me practically every day at work for the last couple of months. I hate it. They try and make me fall asleep. I bought a mini-cycler to keep my legs moving so this would help me stay alert, but when they’re determined, this makes no difference at all, but I still keep it under my desk and use it from time to time – it makes me feel better anyway.

    I used to see evil spirits when I was younger when I’d open my eyes at night until I learned to keep my eyes shut when I woke up in the middle of the night, but I’ve seen them here and there in my dreams. You know they’re only people – people without mortal bodies. They think, they speak, they can make themselves change visually. Think back, in the bible a third of the hosts of Heaven went with Satan – these are the evil spirits that torment and tempt mankind. So, if it was a third – that’s billions of evil spirits right there.

    Fear does not necessarily bring out the evil spirits. They make their choices – you DON’T create them – they’re already there. And the ones that don’t see them or experience them? Lucky them. Since about 5 years old I’ve been aware of this kind of thing. You can do this, you can do that to get evil spirits away from you – I’ve tried a few things myself – praying etc. but sometimes nothing works, and I’ve just got to tolerate it.

    They spirits who didn’t want to be good, that’s why there was a war in heaven before we came down to earth. Evil spirits can be frightening etc. but in recent times, to me, they’ve just become annoying. I don’t like them manipulating my mind. I’m at work now and they’ve stopped making me fall asleep but that’s probably just because they see me doing this. There’s not alot of mystery to them though they probably like it when people talk about them wide-eyed and all, it probably makes them feel special.

    Can’t wait ’til they leave me alone. Some times it gets to the point of beyond rediculous.


  3. Thanks for coming by and sharing, Shelley. It sounds like you’ve had — and are having — quite an ongoing problem, and it sounds awful! But I’m glad that at least you’ve reduced them to an annoyance — maybe you’ll be able to make even more progress in the future.

    Since I wrote this article nine months ago, I’ve seen many evil spirits, but only during meditations, and only when I was trying to meditate while very tired, distracted, or otherwise depressed. In every case, I could get them to go away by ignoring them. It really seems like if they don’t have your attention, they may as well not be there.

    There are a lot of folks out there looking for information on evil spirits, judging by the number of people who find this article in internet searches every day. If there is anyone else reading who has helpful tips or information to share, it would be a great help to us all.


  4. If we define “spirit” as “an intelligent entity that has no physical body,”

    then it seems very, very strange to assume that “no evil spirits exist” —

    to assume that an intelligent entity with no body could never, ever “go to the Dark Side”

    when intelligent entities *with* bodies — we humans, at least — can and often do go very, very wrong.

    (Just as our own species includes folks like Gandhi and folks like Hitler and all sorts of folks in between, why wouldn’t members of one or more species of spirit — if spirits come in species — show a similarly wide range of choices, standards, and goals?)


  5. Kate — re: spirits going to the Dark Side — I do agree that there are probably some evil spirits. I think I may have met a few. But as I said in the article, “maybe there are some spirits that are evil, but they must be young, inexperienced, and not very powerful.” I stand by that. Of course, we really shouldn’t be tossing around words like “evil” without being careful of what we mean. I certainly believe in Loki, and many people think he’s pretty evil. I think he’s rude, and possibly malicious, but he’s no soul-eater, and he doesn’t feed on your fear or anything like that.

    At the end of the final Harry Potter book, SPOILER FOLLOWS Harry gets a glimpse of part of Voldemort’s soul. It’s a pitiful, ragged, powerless thing. SPOILER ENDS I think that the spirits of many evil, malicious humans are similarly small and virtually helpless on the spiritual plane.


  6. how can you speak about spirits, and not mention compassion? ur a fraud, and u know it!


  7. Hi John, I’m not sure what you mean. I have lots of articles concerning compassion on my site; here’s one.

    Also, I have no idea what you mean by “fraud”. I’m not making any claims here, so I don’t know how I’m being fraudulent. 🙂

    It’s interesting that you’ve turned up now. Generally I get pretty much zero combative or argumentative or abusive comments. However, right now I’m having a difficult personal time, in which I’m actually questioning my own integrity. Thanks for reflecting that at me, and providing a little clarity. 🙂


  8. Hello Jeff

    I believe in negative entities, have had a battle with one ( male energy) for a couple of weeks, as shelley said, they are annoying to say the least. There is no way I manifested this. I have a two bedroom townhouse, and given that I am on my own, one of the rooms is empty, and it is in that room he wanted to hide out. I actually felt that he didn’t want me to be here. At night going to sleep I used to feel an icy breeze cross my face, yuk. This is not the first time I have experience this kind of thing. I don’t think about negative entities ( ok I am writing about this now but I am not focusing my mind on it) prefering to centre my thinking on contacting my Spirit guides.

    BTW Jeff, over the past few days, since having left my daughter’s home, I have had the name Freyja come to my mind. I know she is a norse goddess, but what would she want with me?


  9. Sonja, I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties! It has been a long time since I wrote this article, and my views on whether and how negative entities are manifested have shifted slightly. I now certainly agree that a negative entity can be brought into your experience of reality without conscious or even subconscious action on your part. However, I also believe that negative entities are relatively powerless unless you feed them with your own fear-energy.

    As for Freyja — she is the goddess of love, fertility, beauty, and similar matters. She may be inviting you to get to know her better, and to bring more expression of these qualities into your life. If you’re interested, you might create a little altar for her — something as simple as a gathering of symbolic objects on a side table — and open yourself up to signs and guidance from her, just as you would with any other spirit guide. If you haven’t worked with gods or goddesses before, I’ll give you fair warning — there is a LOT of positive energy in them, and it can be mind-blowing! 🙂


  10. Ælfwine Samylfin Avatar
    Ælfwine Samylfin

    I have been meandering about on this site for a number of months, and enjoying myself quite thoroughly, I might add. I do not follow the druidic path myself, exactly, actually . . . I am not certain that my religion is definable by any label in present use. We shall use the word ‘Eldarin’, and hope that suffices. However, I did not feel compelled to leave a comment until now, upon finding this particular entry. . . .
    Evil spirits do exist. I will swear on that. They have names, they have personalities, they have histories, and they are not products of astral imagination (though I imagine it is possible they might be bred on occasion thereby). I have had experiences with a total of three, over what is quite nearly now the same number of years. Their names are Azazel, Ba’al, and Damar. I have battled them on a spiritual level almost continually for that period of time, as they tried to break through the many defenses I had set up, but more importantly, I fought them on a far more physical level.
    You see, they have had the mastery of my wife since her early adolescence, influencing and tormenting her soul, and on occasion, physically possessing her body. I did not discover this until we were married for several months. When their masks were finally thrown off to my eyes, I did what I could against them, and defended the both of us for a long while. My wife was aware of them, but could (or did) little more than endure under their constant onslaught.
    Anyone who has experience with a possessed individual can attest to the fact that the spiritual feel of it is very different from any sort of ‘ordinary’ mental disorder or multiple personality. A very close friend of mine has Multiple Personality Disorder, whereas my wife did not. In the case of MPD, there is a thread (or threads) of similarity running between all the different personalities, for they are all in fact part of the same fractured soul. Not so with demonic possession. MPD is incapable of making the air go cold with an influenzine chill. Demons do invariably. Fear saturates everything. Ice, hatred, negativity of every variety radiates with impunity.
    The whole tale is far too long for a single comment, but essentially . . . it ends with the Evil Triumvirate influencing my wife to the end of her wits, her ceasing to trust me, who gave up everything for her, and quite literally saved her life multiple times; her leaving me earlier this year, and eventually causing her death.
    I know in a very real way of these . . . things’ . . . existence. . . . It is a very painful subject for me, but it is one I believe important for people to be aware about. Far more people experience demonic attack and interaction than are aware of it: If a spirit is a genuine entity, and bent on sapping your energy, it is unaffected by whether or not you believe in it, and would in fact rather you didn’t. It makes the job easier.
    Tell you thanks for reading. May all who do fare well under moon, sun, and star.



  11. Ælfwine, elf-friend, welcome! Thanks for your comment. My views on evil spirits has grown in the two and a half years since I wrote this article. I do believe in them, although I think they draw the vast majority of their power from our fear, rather than any inherent strength of their own. In that way I disagree fundamentally with Tolkien (and, I assume, with the Eldarin belief system?). My current beliefs in this matter are summarized in a guest post I wrote a few months ago, “The Powers of Darkness”, here. Let me know what you think!


  12. As I read the names of the demons that Elfwine mentioned in the above post my blood ran cold. I hadn’t intended on posting, but I feel compelled to. I feel that I have had encounters with at least one of these demons, Damar to be exact.

    I drew this demon to myself by accident seven years ago. I won’t go into detail on everything that happened, but I will say that when a person has been pinned to the ceiling, that person either sucumbs to fear or finds it within themselves to stop being afraid.

    This is the only thing that I have found that can combate these types of enties. Once you decide that you won’t let yourself be afraid anymore, they lose all power over you. They might still show up from time to time, but I equate this to being like a toddler needing to push the boundaries over and again before they understand that they won’t get their way about a particular no-no.

    Best of luck to everyone that is struggling with negative enties.


  13. I met someone a couple of days ago where I work that immediately sent a shiver down my spine. This man was evil. I knew it the minute I looked at him. I’ve had many experiences with physic events, but this one overwhelmed me yet I’ve read very little about this subject (evil existing in living people). Any references to articles would be appreciated. This experience didn’t come from my own fear, I had none at the time I met him.

    I would like to hear from anyone that felt the minute they met someone that they were evil. Maybe most don’t believe in evil entities (especially in the living), but I met someone who projected nothing but evil.

    Most of my physic experiences have been to warn me, or to alert me to a death or accident or to see a friend who has died. Others have been out of body experiences and one near death experience. None has directly related to someone filled with the evil that this man seemed to contain. Here was a living person that screamed evil from his very soul. It scared me and confused me…has it ever happened to anyone else?

    We can argue about evil forever, but what I felt at the moment that I saw him was real and convinced me that evil does exist (although I was convinced of that learning about Hitler) and it exists in people that surround us. We might not see it or feel it very often, and hopefully there aren’t many people out there that are evil deep in their souls, but this man was.

    So, does evil exist? I would say yes and it’s with us everyday. My question would be how does it creep inside of someone? What or who determines who becomes evil?

    I’m anxious and curious to read anything on this subject and to get opinions on whether or not there’s anyone that believes, like I do, that evil people actually exist. I for one, have become a firm believer.


  14. Yes, the Evil Sprit exist. I have personally experienced it twice.
    The first time : November-2000 : I was driving on my bike from my office to home, which is approximately 60 kms. Only around 5-6 kms area is a no-mans land. Time was around 9.00 pm and in the no-mans area, I was driving fast, to 70 kms per hour. Suddenly, I found that my body was not under control, something had hit to my body, which I severely felt. It didn’t hurt me, but there was something, soft touch thing, transperent and invisible, thru’ which I passed away. For more than 4/5 minutes, I was not aware what I was doing, after which I came into the town area, and came to know that I had travelled 5/6 kms, without any knowledge. I certainly surprised me, as well as, the road being so bad, I could not understand it. But I came out safely.

    Second time, should be April/May-2003: When I was not able to sleep till late night. Was sitting on my window upstairs watching the sky. It was 1.00 pm passed mid-night, I suddenly smelt something like Issence stick lighted. I watched out down in the garden besides my house, where I found a lighted candle moving from one place to other. It travelled for almost 10 mtrs. and dissappeared. I was so frightened that could not sleep the whole night. But when I told this to my parents, they said, it was God, who will never hurt you. It can be viewed only by a lucky man.

    Well, I have never been hurt till date. But there is some energy on the earth, which exist but we are not really aware.

    But I believe there is something.


  15. i dont belive in them but lately i feel that it might be possible bcos of whats been happening at home lately and i realy dnt know the diference btwn evil spirit and witchcraft so please help me understant before i start beliving in this things please anything of light will help


  16. i didnt believe in evil spirits b4 but now i do. soo many things have been happening to me that have made a life a living hell and till now there is no peace. i have come across several satan calling themselves babin, babon and babebly…they are related.they come to my dreams and every bad thing they told me they will do,does happen. i cant get a control on my life,many times they told me they want my spirit. i tried to stop thinking about them but they get more powerful and hurt me more. even prayers cannot help me


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  18. I only just found, or re-found this post; it’s what, going on five years old now? I’ve been thinking a lot lately about spirits and guides. Well, not like I haven’t been thinking of spirits and guides since just about forever, but lately I’m really starting to wonder about religious differences. I’m Pagan, (you probably remember that) and have much the same experience you detail in this post (though you say you have since changed your mind on it a bit) in that I just don’t believe evil spirits exist, and in looking at other peoples’ views I’m coming to realize just how much the sort of New Age taken-as-given information about spirits really does represent a very specific worldview, even a religion of its own, one that I’m finding pretty much incompatible with my own. So it’s interesting to read this.

    Also, I never encountered any of those fear-spirits you mention in another post, those illusory scary things that aren’t really anything at all, until a New Ager came to my blog about my spirit guide and started going on about how he absolutely must be manipulating me. But now I do, because she managed to aggravatingly enough plant some seeds of doubt. But it’s good to hear about them from someone else, and to have confirmed that they aren’t much at all, just fears.

    Anyway, this old post is helping me clarify things, so thank you. Even though I’m all for finding the commonalities between religions, I’m really finding that New Age stuff is not after all some kind of background truth about spirituality and is its own thing.


    1. Thanks, Thalia. 🙂 I completely agree with you about ‘New Age’. I was exposed to a lot of New Age ideas growing up, balanced with a heavy dose of Buddhism, and there’s definitely a lot of background assumptions in it. I think some of them come from Christianity, others from Theosophy, and others from famous psychics like Edgar Cayce and the Seth Speaks woman (I forget her name).

      Personally a lot of my more recent thinking on evil spirits is informed by the research I did into the ‘mythology’ of the homeless children in Miami. I still think these spirits have no power without our own fear, but if we *are* fearful, they can get a LOT of power. And controlling our fear is not always easy.


  19. I m facing some experince since 4m childhood about evil spirits .
    This one was horrible ,In may 2010 i saw girl might be of mid age nt old one she was covered wid black curly hair .she hold my ankles when i jst fallen asleep and she graped me fully .
    Before i have faced experiences lyk grabing nd sudeen movements shrug either by my hands or legs but only at the night time . I ignorer it before as i thought i might be only my thinking .

    This time it was not a mere thing which i can ignore easily . Then recently in oct i again been grabed and there was band not the ordinary bt of different kind

    My family knows these experiences of mine , my grandma helps me in this, bt those who are literates in my family they think i m having some mental problem.

    But i dont think so as my friend and her parents also have seen some spirits.



    I don’t know about evil spirit. I was an atheist and now Christian Catholic since 2007 after having logical proof of Existence of God. But because I was an atheist, so I had so much doubt about all historical characters including Jesus. But now I have so much faith –


    Let me explain why I call the miracles I have got ‘clear miracles.’
    Some people say they were trying to get good job, they were facing interview and all and at the same time they were praying at home or in the Church and they got the job.

    Somebody was having a disease and he/she was taking medicine recommended by doctor but was not getting cured. Then he/she started praying accompanying with medicine and got cured.

    They see these kinds of things as miracle because they were praying.

    In my PERSONAL OPINION, I will not call those miracles because I don’t clearly know whether their prayers gave them job or their own effort gave the job; their prayer cured them or the medicine.

    Or somebody can say that he/she saw Jesus or mother Mary appeared to him/her. Again, I don’t know whether that was real or his/her illusion.

    I am not saying those all were false not miracles. I am just saying that I PERSONALLY cannot accept those as CLEAR MIRACLES because I don’t have clear idea about those.

    On the other hand I will call these, what I have got in my life, CLEAR MIRACLES. I feel very lucky for what I have got.

    The miracles are as follows –

    1 ) I HAVE GOT AMAZING PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF HOLY SPIRIT AND BLESSED SACRAMENT ON 1st November 2011, 3:20 pm. ( after this day I decided and started to write this book )

    My Australian friend Daniel, Indian friend Alex and I went to a church and sat in the chapel and wanted to meet a well known priest. He came to the chapel where there were nine people including a little girl in the chapel. Father came to give a biblical class and in the beginning of the class, he said – ‘before going to any class, I pray to the Blessed Sacrament. Today also as usual I prayed before coming to you people and I got 2 messages from Holy Spirit.’

    1 ) Among you people there is a woman( father was so certain about the number ) who committed abortion. I have heard a cry of a child when I was praying.

    There were three women. One lady (the mother of the little girl) was sitting in front of me. She raised her hand and said – yes father I am sorry, I have aborted my first child.
    Then father looked at us and said – see, how do I know this? I am seeing you people for the first time. I don’t even know your names. Every message I get from the Blessed Sacrament.

    2 ) Among you people there are two( father was so certain about the number ) who had very strong desire to commit suicide. Who are they? Please raise your hands if you have courage. We were looking at each other’s faces and not raising our hands. Then the same lady again raised her hand and said yes father I wanted to commit suicide too.
    Then father said – I said 2 people. Who is the second one? Father was waiting and was looking at our faces. In my mind I knew that the second was I, but I was thinking that may be there was somebody else. I was not raising my hand and waited if somebody else would raise his/her hand so that I wouldn’t need to admit. Nobody lifted their hand which meant there was nobody else who wanted to commit suicide. Father was still waiting and was looking at our faces. Then I raised my hand and said – yes father I wanted to commit suicide a couple of times, even this year, around 4 months ago.
    Father said – what ?? why ?? Are you people crazy ?? Are not you a baptized catholic?

    I said – yes father I received Baptism in 2007.

    Father said – then why do you want to die in this age? (I am 27 now. 25/12/1983)

    I said – father I am very broken and dead inside. That’s why sometimes I wanted finish my life.

    Father said – we all are weak human beings and can fall in temptation and in deep sorrow sometimes, but please remember, once you suicide, there is no heavenly life, but confirmed hell and it is a mortal sin, please remember that.

    This was my experience of a miracle. HOW could father know what I had in mind? ONLY I could know what I wanted. Later I asked father personally – father, how do YOU know that I wanted to commit suicide? This was too amazing for me to believe. Father again repeated – I get EVERY message from Blessed Sacrament.


    This time again I was very sad and broken and was about to suicide by taking a poison on 17th or 18th January 2012 but fortunately or unfortunately I didn’t get that poison so I am alive. On 21st January I went to a retreat where a priest from Shilong, India was able to tell the exact name of the poison by which I was going to suicide. This was the second miracle of my life.

    Now I, Angelo Immanuel, believe in the miracle of Lanciano and all other miracles. I have no more doubt. I am changed now. I was atheist and was depending ONLY on logic, but my faith was mixed with 50% doubt about miracle and all historical characters including Jesus because neither I saw Jesus nor any miracle before the above dates. Now I have full faith. FULL up to the cup’s brim.

    I was not the only doubtful person on earth. If you readers go to Google and search the miracle of Lanciano, then you will see that even a priest had doubt about Jesus and how the bread turned into a living flesh and the wine into living blood by the miracle of Jesus our Lord and God.


  21. yesterday.i was drinking 3 pegs of rum with my friends,suddenly i see myself with my father walking with me way to home scolding at me.keep wondering how i got there,friends told me that i was dancing,how???


  22. again salvatore here,can anyone explain this to me plzzz??


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  24. I would say LOL!

    There is no logic or entity called EVIL!!

    It’s all we who create this because as human being we are having very nice power of imagination. I see my grandfather sometimes because I think of him, I saw him. but, I do not see my grandmother, because I never saw her( she left before my birth). So, everyone, it’s your own creation.

    Trust me, go with confidence and no fear to anywhere even at mid night, you will be alive if you want to be. 🙂 Enjoy life, so is the happy life.


  25. I was born a Catholic and got involved with different sects of the Christian religion. I became an atheist when I was in elementary school after reading a lot of high-school-level science books in our school library. But my atheist belief did not last very long after witnessing cases of evil spirit possessions. I had to rule out insanity, because science could not explain (and still cannot explain to this day) how those types of temporary insanity also gave young women temporary supernatural powers like mind-reading, mental telepathy, mental-blocking, telekinesis, etc. I know the increase in their physical strength can be explained by science.

    Many of them can know a persons hidden sins or negative character. And one very interesting thing they all have in common is their fear of the name of Jesus Christ.

    After those incidents, I became very sure God truly exists. I just needed to find out the truth. I knew there are things which are not right about the beliefs being presented by the Roman Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. until I met a group of strangers visiting my parents’ house. They shared me the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then, God has proven His existence to me by the things He had shown me through life experiences.


  26. Interesting enough I came across this post while looking at the druid belief system. I must say from my heart this represents my belief system and every core of my being. However, I do want to say, as an intuitive medium practicing professionally for 17 years I have yet to see any evil, in any form. I believe all interactions with what I call The Invisible world is from a place of healing and love. As you stated in your blog the majority of people who see evil believe in evil.


  27. I came across this blog after looking for information regarding the druid belief system. Great site thank you. However, I would like to add that I do not believe in evil. Having said that I do support the belief that we/earth had negitive low vibrations that we must be aware of. All that I have experience with what I call the invisible world has been nothing but loving, kind and healing. I have been a practicing Intuitive Medium professionally for 17 years and have yet to see any evidence of evil. I agree with Mom, you create what you believe.


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