Why I Blog (or: I’m on a Mission from a God)

In my post on the Purpose of the Universe, I talked about how I came to believe that the purpose of the universe is beauty, and that beauty is the highest purpose of my own life, too. So how does this blog fit into that purpose? Blogs, after all, are not often thought of as beautiful things.

wheredoideascomefromSimply put, I’m blogging because Apollo asked me to. Here’s how that came about.

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Impact of Druidism on Everyday Life: Requited Gratitude

“How has your religion changed your daily, everyday life?”

In my original post on the essence of Druidism, I wrote about how gratitude was the essence of what drew me to the religion — gratitude for our ancestors, our teachers, and our gods. I have found, though, that since beginning my practice, my whole experience of gratitude has changed.

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The Essence of Druidism

Not long ago Ellen Evert Hopman, a druid priestess with whom I’m acquainted, was asked, “What is the essence of druid practice?”

The asker was a very old friend who had just had a powerful mystical experience, and came to her for help. They talked for most of the day, having tea, walking in the forest, and so forth.

Asking the Priestess

wheredoideascomefromAt first, when he asked her this question, she was speechless. Ellen is a priestess of great experience, a master herbalist and researcher in the old ways; so if anyone knows Druidism, she does. But Druidism is not a cohesive faith. There is no World Archdruid, no Universal Grove; there is no Druid Bible or Founding Father; there are no druid missionaries carrying the True Faith around the world. Each druid is called, one by one, alone, to the path, by whatever gods, guides, or spirits there be. So naturally there’s a certain amount of disagreement about what the essence of Druidism is.

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Avoiding Colds and Flu (Druid Herbal Wisdom)

Knowing Druid herbalists has its advantages.

Every winter, my family has all kinds of trouble with colds and flu. It happens because we’re cooped up in the house a lot, and we have small children who ensure that every bug and germ wandering around town ends up at our house. We’ve tried tea, we’ve tried warmth, we’ve even tried (against our better judgement) over-the-counter medicine. Some years the bugs set up permanent residence and create nasty infections, requiring antibiotics.

This year I thought I’d try asking Ellen Hopman, a local Druid Priestess and master herbalist. Here is her recommendation:

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The Mist-Filled Path II

In this post I’ll wrap up my review of Frank MacEowen’s The Mist-Filled Path, lay out some of my ruminations on the mixing and matching of disparate spiritual paths in the modern world, and give the interpretation of the dream I described in the previous post.

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The Mist-Filled Path I

In this post and the next one, I’d like to share an odd little sequence of synchronicities in my life. They led me to think long and hard about the spiritual path I’ve chosen and how it relates other paths people are following these days.

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Is it Too Late to Avoid Collapse?

Archdruid John Michael Greer has a theory about the collapse of civilizations, a theory he calls “catabolic collapse”. The gist is that civilizations don’t drop from a great height immediately to the bottom of a chasm. Instead, they tend to tumble in stages, like a drunk falling down a stairway. They fall a little bit, catch themselves, then fall some more, and so forth. The fall, he says, is interrupted because civilizations are able to redirect their dwindling resources to slow their decline.

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