My Favorite Meditation: Part III

In these previous posts I described the first two parts of my favorite meditation, a three-part sequence which I use to find peace. The first part removes unpleasant feelings and attachments, emptying the mind; the second part fills the heart with compassion and kindness. This third part “locks in” the first two parts by bringing you into the present moment.

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My Favorite Meditation: Part II

Loving Kindness.

This is the second post in a series describing the three-part meditation I do that always brings me peace. The first part, described here, describes briefly how to identify exactly what’s bothering you and release it. This leaves your mind empty, clear, and open. Now you need to fill it up with something good.

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My Favorite Meditation: Part I

Tell me, men of learning, what is Longing made from?
What cloth was put in it that it does not wear out with me?
Gold wears out, silver wears out, velvet wears out, silk wears out,
Every ample garment wears out — yet Longing does not wear out.
Great Longing, cruel Longing, is breaking my heart every day;
When I sleep most sound at night, Longing comes and wakes me.

–Excerpt from an old Welsh poem

interviewfrankmaceowenI picked up this verse from The Mist Filled Path. The Longing described by the poet can be a powerful force for personal growth. Cultivated properly, trimmed and clipped at intervals, Longing and other semi-painful emotions can add a lot of character and vitality to the garden of your soul. But they can take over and strangle the other flowers if you don’t keep them in check. In this post and a couple later ones I want to present my favorite meditation for finding respite and peace.

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My Anima

In my meditations over the past couple of months, I have continually found myself running into a young woman. She has followed me down forest paths, or waved to me in passing, in almost every meditation I’ve done. If I haven’t seen her, I have seen her house in the distance. She isn’t anyone I know in “real” life, certainly. Recently I finally figured it out: she is my anima.

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Motivation: from Courage and from Fear

As part of my work in the Moon Path for the AODA, I do regular meditations — daily, if I can manage it. (In principle, it’s easy to get up ten minutes earlier and meditate before the day starts. In practice, this requires a consistent bedtime and sufficient sleep. I haven’t managed that yet…) During my last meditation, I received a powerful message concerning the source of my personal motivation.

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